Changing the lives of our children AND our volunteers.


We are currently partnering with the following organizations, relying on them for their resources, local knowledge, and service experience.

  • Mountains of Hope. Transforming lives by first meeting peoples' basic needs of health and wellness.

  • Solidarity in Action. Empowering students and adults to make a difference in developing communities in South America.

  • MMRC. Providing medical care to the most vulnerable in countries affected by natural disaster or extreme poverty.


"Jana had paired up with Monatanas de Esperanza and I was amazed at how dedicated the organization is to supporting the culture and advancing the well-being of Ecuadorians, particularly those in the Andean communities."

     -- Michele Segal, Pediatric Nurse, San Francisco

"Some day I will return to Pimampiro to again see the difference that Jana and Liz have made and to see my loving family.  I can't thank Jana and Liz enough for the opportunity that they gave me and how it has changed my life forever."

     -- Stef Beuhner, University Student, Canada