Dreams are Coming True

We bought a house!!! and we have 2 months to come up with the money...only $5000! this house is going to serve as a base for our operations, our orphanage, a place to house volunteers, a place to teach English classes, and a place to grow produce! we are going to go to the house and take pictures in the next few days and i will post them! we are super excited! it definitely needs some fixing up which we are estimating to cost another couple thousand dollars and we are hoping to be self sustaining within a very short time! we are working together with Montañas de Esperanza to get this project started. we are super excited and ready to get things going! the community that the house is in is a place that we love, we have many friends and kids that need so much. there are 200 kids in this community...150 families that need our help. Paragachi is a town without irrigation water (which we are working on getting the funding for) which means that it is super dry and they cannot grow any of their own food. we were lucky enough to be invited into the home of a family there this week to share a meal and be a part of their lives. these people are very warm and open and willing to give every little thing that they cannot afford to give. we are amazed at the opportunities that we have been presented with and cant wait to see where this life takes us!

On top of this amazing opportunity we ´ran into´the mayor the other night. we need a physical therapist or a doctor who is willing to work with the disabled. there is a center that was built a few years ago specifically for the disabled...but it is not being utilized at this time since there is no staff. please keep this in mind as they are willing to accept volunteers.

Volunteers are welcome...please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! we have a lot of work to do and need each and every one of your support.