One More Week

One more week in Ecuador and then I will be back in the states...bittersweet as always. But...the good thing is that I know that I will be back very soon. Time passes super quickly here, I know that I say that in most every blog entry but it’s true...I cant believe how fast my life has passed. In March it will be 2 years since the first time I came to Pimampiro! 

Doesn’t feel like Christmas here, everyone here says it is because they are poor or because of the climate. But...regardless hardly anyone has lights or trees or is in “The Christmas Spirit” whatever that really means. Im sure it is not because of the climate, cause living in Miami it feels like Christmas at Christmas even though its not cold. But here....Im not sure what it is. Every day is the same for them, regardless of time of year or holiday. Kind of sad, being so used to Christmas being all around me and this close to Christmas everyone is happy and talking about Christmas and being “jolly”. Last year I left before now so I just figured it wasn’t close enough....but apparently this is the way that it is always. 

In my house there is no tree or lights, but there are a million gifts!! There are cookies and candy and clothes and gift room full of donations!! Thanks to all of you the kids here will have an awesome Christmas! This Friday I am going to first have Christmas with the kids in the daycare...we are inviting the moms and I am going to make cookies and rent a Santa outfit! The kids will be so excited to see Santa and be able to take pictures with him! I will give the kids at the daycare their Christmas bags which are filled with dolls or hotwheels, beanie babies, candy and clothes!! Then on Sunday we will do Christmas with donations from another organization for all of the kids who are not in the daycare, we have donated toys and everyone will get a bag of candy and cookies! Santa will be there this day too! 

But...I am thinking about the orphans in Lima! There are so many of them and they truly have nothing...I really wish I could go there. I want to go and take presents and clothes and candy to make their Christmas awesome too.  Unfortunately the time and the funds to do that are limited...but none the less I am thinking about them. I am going to try my best to go there when I get back, at least for a few days to see them and to take them some gifts. My heart is for the kids, but especially for the orphans and kids that are maltreated. One day I hope to have an orphanage...I don’t know where or when but that is something on my bucket list that I have not yet accomplished! 

Thank you all again so very much for all of your love and support! I will be stateside very soon!