First off I would like to apologize to everyone for my lack of blogging while in the states. This time at home has been great but very busy. The main objective of returning home was to make money, see my family, and work on paperwork to establish the foundation/organization/non-profit. Indeed those things have been accomplished and the time is nearing that I will return to Ecuador!

I am excited! Excited to see all of those beautiful faces! to hug all those kids and to just be and live such a simple life once again. But, I am also thinking of leaving home again. This time with my family has been great, being so close to my sister and being in the same house with my parents (which I have not done in more than 10 years!)...and missing my brother from far away.

I have had the opportunity to share with so many people what I/we are doing! I am amazed at the support and love that I have received from every single one of you. I am excited to see this project flourish and become exactly what it is supposed to become!

Yesterday I was informed that there are so many donations coming in we have nowhere to put them! Amazing! We are currently working on getting a container and having it sent down to Ecuador! With the help of some of our friends of course!

Please keep me/us in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks. We have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of things to take care of. Please keep the people that we will touch, as always in your thoughts.

Thanks again for your continued support!!