Carnival Weekend

Time goes by so fast, I haven't written in so long. The days are long here, but seem to pass ridiculously fast. That doesn't make any sense but thats how it feels. I have been here more than a month and will be leaving in just about 2 months. I cant believe that I first came here more than a year ago... So much has happened, and changed. I have become a different person, or so I feel like I have. I have experience living in another culture to the fullest, something I have always dreamed of doing. I haven't mastered the language yet but I am learning every day. I cant say that I am fluent but I can say that I can communicate, people can understand me and I can understand them. I had always hoped that once I lived in the culture that it wouldn't take me anytime to learn the language. Unfortunately it isn't that easy. I hope that someday Spanish comes to me just as easily as English, and I hope that that day comes very soon!

I have been spending a lot of time with the kids at the daycare.  They are so happy and beautiful! I love when I arrive and they all start yelling my name and jumping on me to give me a kiss! They always have smiles on their faces and always want to give hugs and kisses. They all have been wearing their clothes that were donated and playing with their toys. I have gotten special requests for more transformers! haha, no one can figure out how to transform them back but they all want them. I want to do more for these kids, thinking of some specific projects that can be done at the daycare itself and for the kids and maybe even their families. 

The house is coming along, slowly but surely. Could always use some construction help if anyone has time and wants to come down! We are getting down to the end, tiling and bathrooms, painting and all that good stuff. We are hoping to be done in the next 2 months. We have had several meetings with lots of different people who want to get involved, who see this place being a center to really enrich the lives of these people. We can only hope that we can help reach a handful of the people of this community and to really make this community a place that people want to visit. As of now the people of Pimampiro (only 3 km uphill) either dont know Paragachi at all or think that it is dangerous. We are hoping to change this, hoping to make this a place people want to go. 

This weekend was Carnival! What a weekend, full of paint and foam and water. These people are crazy, you cant walk down the street without getting hit with one of those three things. All sorts are covered in one or all of these things, and the best part no one works! There is a town in the Chota Valley that is known for its party, there are bands playing all sorts of music and everyone is wet and covered from head to toe in paint and foam. Definitely an experience, and they cant seem to figure out why we dont celebrate Carnival in the US. 

The old people are all super cute, a lady that works with the foundation is here right now and she does all sorts of art projects with them! They are so stuck in their ways that they dont like to do anything but color, when we give them something new to do they ask to just color. Haha! But, she has gotten them to do some really cute things.

Anyway, I am heading to Colombia tomorrow to visit my friend Paula’s family! Im super excited to go back to Colombia and to also get to see all of Paula’s family again, but Im sad because she cant be here with us. But at least I can talk to her family this time...last time we couldnt communicate very well!

Until next time...