I know that I say this every time but time flies, looks like it has been almost an entire month since I last wrote. Where to even start... I need a break, I need to go home, I need to be with my family, I need to work. I love it here, don’t get me wrong but sometimes a break is overdue. In the past few weeks lots has changed, Im living in the apartment I used to live in with Liz with another girl...which is nice to have my own space again. But on the other hand not so nice because I apparently forgot how often there is no water...especially no hot water. The shower is amazing IF there is hot water, but the chances of that happening aren’t too great. I think I have boiled more water and taken it into the shower than I have actually taken a real shower here. Cant wait to get home and take a real shower! Also I forgot how expensive it gets to buy food and cook all the time, and how annoying it is to have to cook. I had it good with the family...

The original plan of me living in the house has now changed, Paul wants to live there so we are working out details as far as what my role will be in the house. He has been traveling or gone a lot so we haven’t had much time to talk about details but I think the plan is that I will be bringing people down to help and also managing the programs that go on at the house. But, its looking like the house will be done in just a few weeks! Its painted and the upstairs floors are in, the front is gated off. There are plants growing in the’s all coming together!

But...I have also been working on some other projects and talking about partnering with some other people. Nothing concrete yet, but things in the works.....things that I am hoping work out soon! 

Tomorrow I get to take one of the little girls to the dentist for some extractions! Her bottom middle teeth aren’t growing up they are growing out, so they are coming out of her gums below where they should be. So, tomorrow I am going to take her to the dentist and help him remove them! I don’t know much about dental stuff but I am interested in learning and he wants to teach me!

The past few weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time with the kids, teaching them English and helping in the daycare. Getting to know the families of the kids and just being present in the community. I love being a part of the community and having the opportunity to really know the people and their lives. This is the best part about staying in one place and working. The daycare always needs help and always needs stuff! This week they asked for pitchers to make juice in and spoons. They only have giant spoons for these little kids to eat off of. I gave them some donated baby spoons but they say they are too small. Haha! So this week Ill get them some spoons and pitchers but always remember that if you are throwing things out they are useful here! Save them, and every time that I come down I bring more and more stuff. 

Thats a short update, I know...but my life here has become like my life in the states, it’s my life so I don’t remember day to day things to write about. I used to be so good at it, making notes or blogging every few days. After a year of being here my day to day isn’t much to write about, not as exciting as it used to be. But...this week hopefully I will buy my tickets to go back to the states, I’ll talk to the hospital and secure a job, and I’ll figure out exactly where I am going with my projects here.

Keep this little girl in your prayers, I am still waiting for a response from Shriners. Pray that they accept her and that I can bring her to the US with me and she can have this back surgery that she desperately needs. At this point the curvature of her spine is 90% and I can definitely tell that it has increased since I met her a year ago. 

By the way, we are waiting for the 501c3! All the paperwork is in, it is being reviewed and we should have this status sometime soon! Thanks again to everyone that supports me and keeps up with what I am doing.