Construction, a Party, and a Request

Last night we had a meeting with Ken, Vibrate Villages, and talked about all of the projects that we are working on. There is so much going on! The people finally have water, the house is being worked on, we are partnering with Potters for Peace to build a factory to make pots to filtered water to make clean drinking water, everyone wants an organic garden, and and and. So much happening and developing. 

The house is coming along, slowly but coming. My friend Paul that i worked with in Haiti is coming down the beginning of February to hopefully help us finish everything!  He has been working in construction for many years and is just the guy to help us get done! Super exciting to know that having the house finished is within reach. Most of the big things are done, its just a matter of time before I will be living there and getting everything up and running! 

February 11 we are having a huge party in the street in Paragachi, celebrating the water and the house! There will be food and performances and dancing and music and and and. Life here is amazing, people are so super happy and wanting to be a part of everything, a part of enriching their community. We are here to help facilitate this growth...and when the people want it so badly it is amazing how easily things come together!

Something to be thinking and praying about, please...there is a little girl here who needs surgery on her back, she has a 90 degree curvature of her spine. The doctors here say that it is too difficult and there is too much other tissue involvement. So, we are submitting a request to Shriners in Tampa to see if they will take on her case and perform the surgery. She really needs this surgery, the scoliosis is worsening. Hopefully the doctors at Shriners will get back to us very soon and we can take her to have this surgery. 

I have been trying to update the website, though I am not so good at it, but there are some new pictures. Thank you all for being interested in where my heart is...