Help Wanted

Calling anyone who can work on my house! These guys are slow and I just want the house to be done! Anyone...anyone have time?? 

Bathrooms are built, counter tops are poured, the structural parts of the house are just about finished. The next step is to put the gait and finish the wall around the house so that we can put in the windows. We dont want bars on the windows, because of this we need to make sure that no one can have the option of breaking the windows before putting them in. Not sure how soon this will get done but this is the next big task. After the wall us up, then windows and doors, and tile and appliances and fixtures. Still alot to go but it is coming slowly. So, if you have time or know anyone I would greatly appreciate a few days or weeks of your time! 

Last weekend was the Fiestas of Sigsibamba. This is a small community up in the mountains, we paid a truck to drive us the hour up the mountain. We ate, and walked around, and watched a handful of crazy men/boys playing with a bull. They call it bull soccer, where basically they make two goals and they separate into teams, the objective is to get the bull to score. In order to do this they yell and whistle at the bull until it is angry and charges them. Dangerous, yes...entertaining...absolutely. After motorcycle races, lots of food, and a day very close to the sun we decided to return to Pimampiro. Unfortunately there were no cars or trucks...finally one guy said he was coming back down the mountain so about 30 people jumped into the truck. Little did we know that it was about to downpour...we were all packed in the bed of a pickup truck bumping along on the barely there roads and holding on for our lives. When we finally arrived we were drenched and the roads had converted into rivers, but we were alive and smiling. 

Today Im heading to Ibarra to get my chip...hopefully they have it after weeks of waiting. This means I will have internet and BBM on my phone...which in the end is actually cheaper than what I am paying now for just talking on my phone. Ridiculous! 

Let me hear from all of you...please?