Home Sweet Home

I have arrived back in the good 'ol US of A...I am happy to see my family and my doggers Leila but I am missing Ecuador...the people...my friends the most. I know that this time is a time that I must take to plan for the future, to make money and to do all of the necessary paperwork. I have realized that this dream that Liz and I share is not going to be an easy feat...not that I ever expected it to be but as the days go by I realize how overwhelming the logistics of this project have become. Dont get me wrong, I am ready for them...for the ups and downs...the good and the bad...but I am ready to see some results! 

Why is it so hard to throw toilet paper in the toilet? Instinctively I automatically attempt to throw it in the trashcan every single time...I have anxiety when I about drop it into the toilet. This is getting better every time that I use the bathroom but still not quite comfortable as of yet. 

Why when I hear Spanish words or Spanish music do I automatically want to be back in Ecuador? There is so much to be done there...and I cannot wait to have all of my friends and family share in some part of this dream!

I am super thankful for my family, I appreciate that they support me in everything! Being home and being able to hug them and tell them that I love each and every one of them is a feeling that I will never get tired of. I cant wait til the day that each of them can be a part of my dream in Ecuador!  

PS...we have put together a powerpoint presentation introducing our project if anyone would like to see it please Email us at serviva2011@gmail.com and we will get it to you ASAP! Thanks for all of your support!