How Fast Time Has Gone

Wow, how fast time has much things have changed. I am back in Pimampiro, things seem to change all around but this little mountain town seems to still have the same people doing the same things...its like i never left. It has been amazing to see everyone and to see their smiles when they see that i have returned. 

I went to visit the kids at the daycare this week and before i could even get in the door they were yelling my name! There are lots of new kids and most of the older ones have gone to kindergarden, and most of the teachers have changed. But there is one particular “new” child that I am worried about. She is one year old, but looks like a newborn. The teacher told me that she expressed her concern to the parents and the parents said that all of their children were small, but this child is not only small she is sick. This week I will go through the process of talking to her parents to see if they are open to the idea of me getting this child medical care. Lets pray that they are willing to allow me to help them. 

There was also a baby born this week with cleft lip, he is currently in the hospital after being born at home. No one is sure as to why he is in the hospital but the plan is he will stay there for a few days then head to Quito to have surgery. This family has 9 children...and this surgery I imagine is not cheap. But, Operation Smile will be less than an hour away from us in 2 weeks! How is that for timing? I am currently in the process to find out what I need to do to get this child seen.

The house is still being worked on steadily but still is missing quite a lot. Every month the story more month. So, we shall see.

I went to see the elderly people and they were super excited to see me! I am going to spend one afternoon a week doing projects with them and giving them a chance to tell me their stories.

I am going to try very hard to do better at blogging...we’ll see how that turns out.