I Have Arrived

I have arrived back in pimampiro! How amazing to come back to a place with so many people who are so happy and so happy to see me! I love this place! 

After spending two days in Miami, where all I wanted was a little bit of sun, I arrived in Caracas where I was supposed to spend a mere 3 hours which turned into 7! I got to practice my spanish and meet a few nice people, other than that waiting was getting old. When we finally boarded...we sat on the runway for quite some time. I have no idea how long since I fell asleep almost immediately after finding my seat. I awoke when they fed me, by this time I was starving...the bagel that I had in Miami was long gone. I finally arrived in Quito around 11pm...only 5 hours after my scheduled arrival time. I was the last one to pass through the doors because one of my bags was/is missing. I went through the whole process of trying to locate it and placing a claim. Hopefully tomorrow it will show up somewhere. 

Luckily Paul didnt get tired of waiting for me....and was there when I got there. Also, a friend of mine who lives in Quito was there to meet me! I missed Ecuador and its people so very much!

I will never ever get used to taking a cold shower, I know it seems like something that I should just get used to but the water here is like ice!  I am more than thankful for the house that I am staying in, I have my own room and am living with a very nice family. I made a very good friend when I was here before and I am staying with her family. The deal with the shower, no one knows why its not hot but I pray that very soon it is hot again! 

Today I spent the day in Paragachi, hanging out with the guys that are building my house and looking at...doors. There is a man in town who is going to make the doors for us, this book that he gave me to look at has doors that you would imagine on a church or castle! I kept telling him, simple...I just want simple doors! I can live in the house once I have windows, doors, and at least a bathroom. Once those three things are complete then the rest can come as I live there. We are hoping that in less than a month that is possible. But...then comes the question of security, no one wants me to live there alone. So, I guess you can say that I am on the hunt for someone to protect me! Haha! And skilled construction volunteers would be nice too!!

I want to start getting things going at the house, classes and programs but obviously I dont want to get too far ahead of myself...and I have plenty of other things happening too. Im going to be working with another guy to teach some people in the far reaching communities some basic medical care. The concern is that when things happen in these remote communities no one knows what to do in the meantime, before help arrives or before they can be transported to the closest hospital. The government has granted us the ability to make available basic items in a central location in each community. 

Tomorrow I will be visiting the “old people” (the government provides a lunch 6 days a week to people 65 and older, they have a building and some land) and seeing the progress that they have made  with their gardens. They have planted and already harvested their first crops since I left! Cant wait to see their smiling faces! 

Paul is super busy with all of the projects going on, he just cant seem to share everything all at once, I keep learning more every day. So much has changed, not so much change, but advanced since I was last here. It is amazing how involved the community is and how much they are helping us help them! Speaking of which in Paragachi 2/3 of the people now have irrigation water! Only a little more time to go and the entire community will no longer be brown and dusty....but green! 

Such amazing things happening...