No Complaints

As I sit here in my bed, I cant help but think of all the people so close to me, right here in Pimampiro who don't have a bed or who are sharing a bed with one, two, or maybe 5 other people. I pass these people in the streets, they don't have enough food, they don't have enough warmth at night. And then I remember I am here...I am here to help these people help themselves. 

I want to complain...about taking a cold shower but then I remember at least I have water to shower. I want to complain...about the 50 bug bites on my legs that are itching so badly Id rather scratch off my skin than have them itch anymore. I want to complain...that I cant find anything because some of it is in storage and some of it is here and some of it is in the 53 suitcases I have in my room. I want to complain...because my house is taking forever to get done. But then I remember, I remember what I am here for...why I love this place and these people so much. Life means so much to and friends and happiness. I watch these very old men and women walking amazingly long distances uphill and am thankful that that is not part of my every day life. Though I do have to walk up the same hill every day, and I am winded and sweating every single time! 

Life is so simple, they wake up, they work, they buy their bread for the next morning, they go to bed and do it all over again. If only it was possible for everyone in the states to live just one day, and cut out all of the unimportant things that we do in a days time.