No Time for Anything

Wow, how fast time flies. Before I left all sorts of things happened, but Ill try to remember them all and dedicate a blog just to that. But, for now...I have returned and it has been like Christmas! I came back with 5 FULL suitcases! The family that I live with wanted all sorts of stuff, so I came back with lots for them. I have two full suitcases of donations that I organized (with thanks to my mom!!!) and made up plastic bags for each kid. Clothes, toys, crayons, coloring books, and all sorts of other things! We are going down to have a little program with the kids and give them all of their gifts on Wednesday!! Then after that I get to help teach the parents about nutrition and hygiene! And then after that we are going to celebrate the turning on of the water!

I went tonight with the President and most of the important people of Paragachi to open the water to flow down into our amazing pueblo! We all piled into a truck and drove about 15 minutes up the mountain, stopped in a random spot on the road and all started the trek down a very steep portion of mountain. I slid most of the way down and all that I could think about was having to go back up! We got down there and Luis (the President of Paragachi) opened the pipes and let the water flow into them! A super amazing moment for these people! We already have 55 people signed up and waiting to start working on their gardens! This week we will start digging and getting ready to plant!