The Day of the Youth

I just realized that it has been quite awhile since I have blogged. Time is going by so fast...and I will be back in the states before long. Where to start... Lets start with most recent happenings...I was in the Galapagos this week! I have a friend whose brother lives there, so it was a great opportunity to get to see the islands! Unfortunately I did not get to see them all but what I did see was definitely interesting. The Galapagos are not like any other place in the world especially any other island. They are brown and you wont find much life of any sort there. I mean there are turtles and iguanas, snakes, sea lions and birds. Otherwise brown, lava made landscape is what you get. It was warm and sunny and I spent some time at the beach, something I really miss living in the mountains. The mountains are beautiful but the beach...I love the beach! 

Last week was spent preparing for “the day of the youth” that happened last Sunday. We organized this day for people between the ages of 13 and 30 to give them the opportunity to share their talents on stage and to show them that the community supports them. A big problem here is that by the age of 13 these kids are not kids anymore, they are given grown-up responsibilities and having kids of their own. Most of the young people are not aware that they have any other option, for this reason the goal is the educate them that there are many other opportunities in life. The day turned out wonderful, they danced and sang and showed off all sorts of talents. Hopefully this was a step in the right direction for this community.

This week I will head back to Quito to pick up a friend of a friend. She is coming to bring art kits for the kids of Paragachi and blankets. She has a foundation as well and wants to help us out in Ecuador! We are thinking of organizing a get together on Saturday where all the kids are invited to come and get their backpack filled with art supplies. We plan to make it a fun afternoon hopefully with some food and fun! 

Otherwise I am heading back to the states next Tuesday, so this week is my time to get things wrapped up and together. I will be returning in January with my friend who will help to finish the house!! We are hoping for a date sometime in February for the ‘grand opening’! I will head to the house tomorrow and take some pictures of the progress...but they will continue working while I am in the states and when I get back we are hoping to have to only do the finishing work and then well be ready! I cant wait to be able to get things started! 

Life here is great as always, thank you for all of your continued support!