Haiti On My Heart

Today is a day closer to me being back in Haiti...every day working/being in the states makes me more thankful but causes me to wish that i was in Haiti all the more. every day that i look at my Facebook there is a new post, a new post from one of my dear friends down there, begging for help...asking for everyone and anyone to give their time or supplies or whatever they can to help out the people. today, i read my friend Stacey's blog...she so vividly depicts what is going on down there. she writes a few short paragraphs and every time that i read them...i feel like i am there...like i need to be there, now. Then i find a short video clip ...my friends working with samaritans purse, the clinics and how much they are doing and what it actually looks like down there.

All of this, every day makes me want to be there more and more but i keep reminding myself that i will be there soon enough. all the questions keep coming...how will you be supported down there? how long will you be there? what exactly are you going to be doing? questions questions questions...that i will figure out when i get there. i feel like Haiti is where i am supposed to be right now and thats what i am going to do. as everything else in my life has just "fallen into place" i expect the same in this situation and i am thankful every day for the time that i have here, close to my family, before i head down there.

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."  -- Dalai Lama