I can't wait to get back to Lima to see my kiddos! Don't get me wrong, I love Pimampiro but the faces of those kids are in my brain every day! It's amazing how small town a small town can be, I know that I grew up in a small town but I didnt walk the streets of Greenwood or frequent many places on a daily after only being here a little over a week I see the same people every day. It's amazing how much of a family one entire town can be.

Last week we bought white jackets to wear to work, because all the nurses here wear white, and a lady here in town told us that she would pick them up for us on Saturday. Well, every day this week we have gone by her house to ask her for the jackets and every day she tells us first she will have them in the afternoon then later that it wont be til the next day. Yesterday afternoon we asked her again, she said she had no idea when she could get them. But, while we were having dinner we got a phone call from Romero (a man that works with the organization that we work with here but doesnt live in Pimampiro) and he told us that our jackets were ready. All night we were wondering how in the world he knew...this morning we asked her and she said that his wife is his cousin. Crazy how interconnected EVERYONE is here!

I feel like we made alot of headway this week...met alot of people and have alot of opportunities. Our number one priority is assessing the area to see if an orphanage/daycare would be useful. Liz and I have both dreamed of someday having an orphanage, and we think that every day here is a day closer to achieving that. Ultimately we would like to help Clara in the orphanage in Lima by building on to the house that she currently has and by helping her feed the kids the remaining 15 days of the month that they have no food.

We would also like to start an orphanage in Pimampiro. There are a few orphans here but the majority of the kids are just super poor. They have parents but they live in very terrible conditions and do not have much food. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we have a lot of planning time to spend both here and in Lima. This planning time is coming out of our own bank accounts which is slightly stressful knowing that our time here may be cut short for something as ridiculous as money. But...we both know that we are right where we are supposed to be and things will work out just like they are supposed to! On top of our passion of the orphanages we are working to find out what health needs there are in Pimampiro. We are working together with MMRC to hopefully provide medical care such as surgeries or equipment to help better this community. These people are amazingly appreciative of the smallest things, and they always have a smile on their faces! Definitely a lesson for those of us who have everything...