Home Sweet Home

I have now arrived home, how relaxing...how nice to be with family and just relax. This will be short-lived since I start working on Monday but at least I had a few days to relax.

In Ecuador I left lots of things undone, luckily there is a volunteer there taking my place! She is an awesome person, speaks Spanish, and is super helpful. The people have said they are just going to change her name to mine for the next few months, haha! 

We are working with Pamela, the little girl with the tumor on her face...we are waiting for 2 more kids who have similar cases. They have decided to inject something called OK 432, which has proven to reduce the size or shrink considerably the mass.  But, in the childrens hospital in Quito there must be 6 children who need this treatment for it to be ordered from Japan, so we are in this waiting process.  But, it is looking like in the next week or two she will get the injection! And we are hoping for significant results!!

The little boy who needs  a circumcision; we are waiting for an appointment with the urologist, after that he will (hopefully) get an appointment to have the surgery. Since healthcare is free in Ecuador things are much more complicated and the waiting game is nothing short of stressful!

My little Priscila...I have the milk man (literally there is a man that delivers fresh cow milk) delivering milk every day and supposedly she is drinking a liter a day with her formula that has extra calories. We shall see if she gains weight this time, if not we will have to talk to social services in Ecuador to most likely remove her from the home due to negligence. She still severely malnourished and the mom is lying about the amount of food that she is eating and the formula that she is drinking, if she does not gain weight when she goes to the doctor in 2 weeks we will have to do something different. The mother has been given all of the resources and we are helping her in every way possible, Priscila should be gaining weight!

I was made aware of a new case, a man who fell from a tree...he is now paraplegic. His family works to provide him with the catheters, diapers, special creams, etc that he needs but they are unable to make enough money to care for him. Also, the doctor informed me that he is beginning to have small amounts of feeling in his hands and feet, which means that he may benefit from physical therapy with the possibility of walking again! Or at least with having some sort of mobility! I am in search first and foremost of government programs to help this man and his family and then I will be looking to each one of you to help me to help this man! 

I am currently putting together a team of people, from the community, to help me help the community. This will consist of the president of the community (who is very interested in the welfare of his people and making change), a psychologist, and people to help organize events.  We will focus on the young people and children, we will start by evaluating each and every family and starting with their needs. It has been very aware to me recently that there is quite a bit of abuse in the community, and I hope that address it soon. 

Speaking of abuse, a little boy named David said to me the day that I was leaving, “Jana, can I go with you?”. I immediately told him that I was leaving for the states and that he would be alone in my house in Ecuador if he went home with me. His response, “not here, I want to go to the states with you”. Then I asked why and very frankly he said, “ my mom beats me and leaves me alone all day”. One of the teachers from the school was there and she says that he comes to school most days with marks from rope, wire, or belts across his face and back. How much I just wanted to take him away from all of that! As I left I told him to ask his mom if he could go with me...so we will see when I get back what she said. 

Please consider donating to my foundation, so that I can better help these children and families!! We are in a place where the people trust me and I can make a difference! Please please please help me!!

I will try to update the blog while I am here in the states with the information that Miriam gives me, or maybe Ill let her blog!