Operation Smile

I will never forget the faces of: a little girl with a tumor...a tumor for a face, a man burned from head to toe, and my little boy (from my community) who got his cleft lip fixed this time! Also a man with Down Syndrome who had a growth growing on the back of his head that we removed with local anesthesia, the mother said that he would not tolerate knowing what we were doing without him being asleep but in the end he was a trooper!

Every time that I work with Operation Smile it is an awesome experience! Every time I meet new people and have new experiences and we fix more lips and palettes! 

This little girl with the tumor on her face was born “normal”, when she reached 3 months of age she started getting spots that look something like birth marks, then these birth marks turn into tumors. These tumors turn into masses, these masses then take over and this particular tumor has settled in her head/face. She is severely deformed, so much that her parents left her. Thankfully she now lives in a foundation home and is well taken care of, but that does not take away the severity of her condition. We removed a large part of the tumor but it continues to grow.

A man who was working and something exploded, this explosion left him missing parts of fingers and burned from head to toe. We released some of his scar tissue, to hopefully relieve some of his pain.

My little boy, a 6 month old who was born with cleft lip had surgery to fix his lip this mission! I first took him to Quito a few months ago, but because he had a cough and runny nose we could not do the surgery, but this time he was healthy! I dropped the family off at the bus terminal to travel 12 hours to Guayaquil, i packed them sandwiches and snacks to sustain them the whole night in the bus. They arrived early morning at the hospital and were evaluated and put on the schedule!! He came out of surgery with a lip, a lip that you can barely tell was every separated!! I handed him over to his mother shortly after surgery and she looked at me and said, “what do I do with him now”...haha! Feed him, I said...and she looked at me and said “what do i feed him”! Haha! After the initial shock she was super happy and thankful and ready to go home! Look at how great he looks!! Dont mind the snotty nose!

Operation Smile is an amazing organization and we do amazing things! In Ecuador alone we “fix” about 100 children every 2-3 months. That is somewhere around 400 kids a year in Ecuador alone!